A Look At Some Of The Health Issues Caused By Black Mold

Black mold produces irritating odour and it is a common characteristic of most molds. If you are a sensitive individual, this odour might act as an allergen. This irritating odour might aggravate or develop allergies and illnesses that you might not have experienced before.

Therefore, if you feel that your experience might be related to mold infestation, you should discuss your concern with your doctor. Apart from just causing allergies, it also produces a toxic substance which affects the nervous system and that is why it must be treated as early as possible.

Black mold and mold spores both may trigger allergic reactions. These are the most common health issues cause by them. If you are sensitive or your immune system is weak, you will experience these allergies right away; or on the other hand, they might develop sometime after the first exposure.

The allergic reaction usually depends on how severe the growth of black mold is. It produces toxins known as mycotoxin, which can cause irritation of skin, eyes and air ways in most individuals, even if you do not suffer from any allergies.

People with chronic lung diseases can experience serious breathing infections due to toxic molds. Some individuals may also face severe reactions to this toxic odour, which may include fever and difficulty in breathing.

These risks also depend on the medical condition of the affected person at the time of exposure and is not only limited to the extent of its growth. Since the reaction to mold exposure varies from one individual to another, it is quite impossible to assess the severity of health risks associated with black mold infestation.

Other symptoms caused by black mold toxins include: uneasiness in respiration, headaches, nausea, cough, red eyes, development of rashes and hives on skin, and memory loss. In some cases, individuals experience bleeding in lungs, lethargy, lack in concentration, asthma, irregularity in blood pressure, damaged digestion and respiratory system, pain in liver and other internal organs, infections of urinary track, and problems in urination etc. Severe or prolonged exposure to them can even affect infertility in some patients.

Therefore, it is better to take preventive measures and stop black mold growth in the first place. If you suspect mold infestation, you should quickly seek help.